Commercial Junk Removal

commercial junk removal

Clean Green Hauling specializes in commercial junk removal, recycling and donations in the San Diego area!


We have worked with many large commercial companies/organizations including:  Property management firms, real estate professionals, and contracting companies.


What we remove:

Clean Green Hauling can remove just about anything except for hazardous materials. We can remove everything from residential debris (such as furniture, clothing, and general trash) to construction debris (such as drywall, wood, concrete and flooring). We offer a great deal of flexibility and we always dispose of material in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.


How to Schedule:

We can typically schedule same day or next day service. In addition, Clean Green Hauling can always schedule service days, weeks or even months in advance to meet our customer’s needs.


Areas we cover:

Clean Green Hauling covers most of San Diego County. We work in commercial downtown high rises, apartment buildings, as well as many other commercial buildings and properties in San Diego. Clean Green Hauling can often reach difficult to access commercial areas such as parking garages and alleys were large roll off dumpsters are not practical due to our low riding trailers and the ability to detach our trailers from our pickup trucks if necessary to reach tight spaces.


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