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junk removal partnership

Clean Green Hauling partnering with local businesses to get the job done!

Junk removal Partnership with Clean Green Hauling is a way to always have your junk or debris removal at a lower cost and at a scheduled time. We offer our preferred vendors/customers discounted hauling prices in return for repeat business. We specialize in 4 major areas, construction debris removal, real estate clean up, event trash removal, and military/ government trash hauling. Call today to schedule to meet us and organize a plan that works best for you.

Construction Debris Removal:

Construction companies have an opportunity to save money on demolition clean up jobs by pairing with Clean Green Hauling. This allows the construction companies to not have to rent a large dumpster for long periods of time. This permits you to pay for the amount of trash you have while having our crew load it up! We can setup custom times to removal the trash and removal as the job moves along. We offer special pricing based on a load amounts.

Real Estate, Property Management and HOA Hauling:

In the past Clean Green Hauling has partnered with real estate, property management and HOA companies in a way that adds value to their business and provides a useful service to their customers. There is often trash and debris left behind when people move out of rental properties or sell their property.  Clean Green Hauling can remove residential trash and debris of all shapes and sizes.  We often remove items such as beds, couches, entertainment centers, book shelves, coffee tables, carpeting, remodeling debris or boxed/bagged residential trash. We have also been able to help remove oversized items that were too large to fit in an onsite dumpster or trash receptacle. A partnership with Clean Green Hauling is an opportunity for real estate, property management and HOA businesses to handle all their trash removal and junk hauling at a discounted price. We recycle and donate whenever possible.

Event Clean Up:

Clean Green Hauling can perform junk and trash removal after events. Cleaning up after social events can be messy and time consuming, let Clean Green Hauling do the work! Common events we have serviced include weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, reunions, parties and catering events. Clean Green Hauling is a perfect solution for clearing out all of the waste after events because we can provide flexibility.  Our service can be customized in multiple ways to fit your needs, such as late night or early next day scheduling.

Government Contract Hauling Service:

San Diego has such a large military presence, and with Sam Parker (co-owner) being a military veteran, we would like to get involved to help on the bases. We can offer a quick inexpensive solution for removing waste from military bases. Whether it is clearing out housing or small construction jobs, we can handle the hauling.
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