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Hot Tub Removal in San Diego

Hot Tub Removal in San Diego

Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Removal in San Diego

Clean Green Hauling specializes in the removal of Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi's.  We can dismantle and properly dispose of and size unit.  In under two hours we can have your hot tub or Jacuzzi completely cleared out of your backyard.

Hot tubs can become quite the eye sore once they have quit working.  They also tale up a lot of space that could be used for something othaer than a broken hot tub.  Let Clean Green Hauling remove the junk form your place.  We have taken out around 100 hot tubs of the past 5 years we have excellent experience in the field.

Please call us at 858-999- 5477 for more information about Hot tub Removals in San Diego,

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